What is a Heat Reactive Scented candle?

Candlemeleon is Heat Reactive (colour changing) scented candles range in six different fragrances that are perfect for every day use or to add some flair into your décor!

Candlemeleon - The Collection

The development took over 2 years to put this range together working with suppliers and fragrance houses to really perfect the design and hand pick the fragrance oils for the Candlemeleon brand. 

We wanted to innovate, push boundaries and create a new type of experience in developing a candle using thermochromic technology. Thermochromic technology has been around for a while but has it ways of finding itself into being a novelty item as opposed to being a necessity due to the premium production costs in material. 

What is meant by thermochromic?

Thermochromism refers to the dramatic reversible colour change that occurs when a material is melted or dissolved in a solvent.

Watch this for a more visual explanation:


Thermochromic products can be found on drink mugs, nail polish liquid, car vinyl wrap, business card print ink, clothing and many more. 

The 'eureka' moment stemmed off from a conversation from a friend which made us investigate the development further. After multiple iterations we manage to develop a candle range that has a mind blowing impact in giving you a sensory experience with matching fragrances for these time sensitive colourful moments. 

Candlemeleon - Pink Leopard

Candlemleon is a creative and exciting fragranced collection of home must haves, all carefully curated with an emphatic nod to architecture; interior design or outdoors.

What are you waiting for? A world of endless possibilities awaits!

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